Monday, October 31, 2011

Made another quilt..

I am on the roll......  I made another one to donate to the church but it turn out my older kids LOVE it and he wanted it....(he also bid for it) so it is his now...the other, boys wanted one too.  So now I have some fabric of different kind and I am thinking about making it for Christmas.  I guess I need to get going since Christmas is not to far off and need to work on it while they are in school.  Here the quilt I made it Woodland Friend ( I don't think it out anymore)  But I love the bright colors!!
That is J, my son.  It was morning and I asked him if he will hold it and he did.  Shhhh..He was only in his underwear.  I told him no one will ever know. (Now I blab..heeheeha)
This is the back of the lap quilt...

Making the strips of fabric is really easy to make and it good for the beginners.  It was also quick to make.  I felt good after it was made and really proud of it since my children really love and was impress with it. 
Now I am off to finish make a stuff doll for my Nephew Solo.  He loves Star War and I will post it as soon as I am done.  Thanks for dropped by.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I finally finish the baby quilt!  And I did decided to add another border so glad I did.  It made the right size for a baby or toddler to laid on and even drag around.  I brought the border (dots) at Wal-mart and the pink border at a small fabric store.  My binder is alot different than other quilters made.  The binder was alittle too small so I did the best I could and you know I really liked it that way.  It different and I guess.. special.  I am going to donate to the Church Bazzar. I feel good that I made it and it done.  Maybe I will do another one.
Back of the quilt...